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January 5, 2016

FINALLY – I am able to post all about my shopping trip with the lovely Jordan! I won’t go into detail about how much I love this girl and how much it means to me that she believes in me. I won’t go into detail about how we’ve been friends for years and that she blesses my life and makes me laugh from the pit of my belly! I won’t tell you how talented and genuine she is, nope… I will spare you the details!

Jordan does not need my help, but wanted “fresh eyes” to complete and compliment her business wardrobe. We started at her home so that I could get an inventory of what she has. Doing this later helps me fill in the gaps- meaning one item could help complete 3 or 4 outfits that she already owns. (A blazer or the right pants, etc.)

We started at H&M. We found so many things! Let’s start with business attire:


How cute is this red skirt? Not many people can pull off red but she can! This is a perfect skirt for holiday parties and work! It transitions so well into spring! I would recommend a nude wedge and the white blouse pictured below!

IMG_8749 IMG_8750

Seriously… legs for days, this girl! This asymmetrical leather skirt is killer! Perfect for all year around and so on trend right now!!


Adding a blazer takes it up a notch for the business world!


Every wardrobe needs a turtleneck! Look how good the black on black looks on her! A midi pencil skirt is perfect for on the job meetings and fun business lunches!


Jordan is all about tiny details! She’s the friend that hears you “mention” something and then has it delivered to your door the next day! Little buttons and accents or little bows or lace on a clothing item is just so her! These dainty gold buttons were just perfect for her!!


This skirt is a great winter skirt! Its beautiful detailing and A-line flow, gives her an even tinier waste!


I begged Jordan to try this dress on! She laughed at me! All of the deep colors look so beautiful with her dark hair and olive tones skin! It was a no brainer! Plus she had these really great shoes that I could not stop thinking about!! Below is a picture that I stole from her Instagram @jordanmarcel_.


Along with all of our business attire purchases, we found a fur hooded parka in a khaki color that compliments her brand new palladium boots bought by her “babe”.  We purchased a simple crew neck sweatshirt that can be dressed up or down, a fun tank top with gold designs, a peach light weight sweater that she would have never bought if i didn’t tell her to (her words), leather leggings (everyone needs leather), and black straight jeans that compliment everything in her wardrobe from business to date nights!



“Shopping with my stylist is just like shopping with my best friend! I have the best of both worlds!”-Jordan Short

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