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The Mezzy

April 3, 2018

I had so much fun taking this babe shopping. Lauren Meza is one of everyone’s favorite girls. She is so teachable. She is real and honest. She is game for anything and always makes things super fun! Mezzy had won, one of the give aways that I did a few months ago. (Usually found on my instagram stories.) It was for a discount day at our local mall, geared towards college students. Finally she reached her goal of money saving and we planned a night out! The goal of the shopping trip was to become a little more mature in her wardrobe…

I wouldn’t let her get another sweater but I wanted her to try on a neutral look and step out of her comfort zone and try loafers!She was a champ. She kind of liked them but didn’t love them. We only purchase what she LOVED!

Check her out in Navy, so pretty!Moving on to powder blue. Powder blue is one of those magical colors that compliment every skin tone. I would have never thought of baby blue suede coat (I usually think gray, camel, black…) but why not!? This coat is a little out of her budget so we didn’t leave with it. But thats what I am here- I’ll wait until it goes on sale and tell her when to purchase it! Sales find me 🙂She was determined to find the perfect white tee. We found it!! And a leather jacket to go over it! Below is a photo pf us together at the next day. We had to capture the moment! It was sports theme night so don’t judge my #ootd!!
We tried a few different tee shirt options. We left with 2 white tees and are saving the other colors (pink, black, olive, for another day!) I will always help you rationalize what you need now and what you can build with later.How fun is this romper! This was the first time she ever tried one on. For only $10 it was such a great find, and hello her legs look awesome! Although looking perfect, the back was a little too short. We had to remember the main goal of this trip- to become more mature in our outfit finds. This romper was too “little girl” like. Now for the DRESSES… I pulled different things for her to try on. I gasped at the red dress! She is like the real “red dress emoji” come to life!! I kept saying “Oh my word, you need to buy that! Tell me you have an event to go to!”Then she remembered she has a wedding in June. Yay for us all. She seriously looked so stunning in this little white number! It fit her like a glove. I had her try on another Navy dress that looked amazing but she was too embarrassed to document it.

How cute is she in this sweatshirt dress? This is the perfect casual dress for her. Great for hanging with friends, long boarding, and maybe another shopping trip?I made her put my shoes on to really get a feel for her future lol.

Obviously our last stop was to get her some brand new white slip on Vans. She had been wanting them or a few months and was determined to leave with them and they literally compliment 90% of what we bought and what she already owns.

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