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November 9, 2016

Kellie Martin is one of the sweetest human beings you will ever meet. She is kind, compassionate, getting bolder every day, she’s crazy after ten, and loves people with her entire heart. I am so blessed that she believes in #carmimoore and I am still running on the excitement rush I got from our shopping trip!

We started in H&M and ended in Boscov’s, AND we stayed within the budget that Kellie had set!
img_5157Kellie doesn’t own a leather jacket. I believe that a leather jacket is a compliment piece to every wardrobe, however, I get that not everyone loves leather. (My husband included.) Kellie looks awesome in both types of jackets but it was not love at first site. She was going for more of a sophisticated look: business- to church- to events.
img_5551img_5550This next coat she fell completely in love with. It compliments so much of her wardrobe that she already has. It looks great when she rocks her red lip and really polishes off any outfit.
img_5552img_5540Welcome to blush heaven! Kellie did this excited scream every time we found a blush piece that she really liked – Lol. From the sweaters to the jacket, it all looked great with her platinum blonde hair!
img_5553This sweater is so lady like, it is perfect for keeping her toasty for the winter months ahead.
img_5555This by far was her favorite purchase and loudest scream! Kellie wore this coat the Sunday after we shopped and multiple people texted me telling me how great she looked. This jacket is literally perfect for all year round! She choose to wear an all-black look underneath; black turtleneck, black ankle pants, complimented by a pair of kitten heeled black pointed pumps.
To accent each blush piece we found the perfect pair of light denims. Dark denim would look good too but there is something about the light denim that softens up the entire look.
img_5556 img_5542I begged Kellie to try on this shirt. The bell sleeves have been around since last spring and they are becoming more and more popular in our local stores. She was hesitant but once she put it on she loved it! The hat was a fun prop that was already in the dressing room. I just wanted to show her some different outfit options.
img_5554This last look is the perfect outfit from work to church on a Wednesday night. It is great with pumps or sneakers. This hoodie was cut along the bottom giving it an edgy look. However for $17, she said no to the purchase. We ended our shopping trip at Boscov’s where she found a $10 hoodie and recreated the look for less!

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