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September 13, 2016

img_1769G- Money, Giovanni, Gio Harvey is one of a kind! Everyone who knows him loves him- I’m pretty sure he knew someone in every store we went into. Recently, I had the opportunity to get Gio’s wardrobe ready for his senior year of high school.

Upon request, we started at TJ Maxx. Within the first minute, Gio was waving to someone while leading me to the men’s section- he was pumped to be there and he made it so easy. I found the Nike sweatshirt below and Gio found the 2 Jordan shirts.img_1762img_1763As we were checking out the cashier recognized him from school. She was blushing and asking him different questions. He had no idea he was getting hit on… the clothes “didn’t even make the man” yet, and this kid was already cool!img_1746After “lovefest 2016”- we headed to the mall. We had great success at JC Penney. They have a Tall Man’s section that worked in our favor; not to mention some great sales! Gio had talked about getting joggers for weeks before our shopping date, so I knew we were definitely not leaving without some. And we didn’t!img_1748The joggers he chose are such a versatile color that they go with everything he bought and most of what he already owns! Perfect to be dressed up or down.img_1749I just love Gio in this flannel! He looks so good and it fits so well.

Every time I bring a client out I have them try on an item that they wouldn’t normally try. In this case, Gio isn’t a fan of blue. I asked twice for him to try it on. I kept reassuring him that he didn’t have to buy it; I just wanted him to know how handsome he would look! I actually gasped when he came out of the dressing room. Because he had a certain amount for his budget, he decided it was too dressy for school, so we didn’t purchase it at this time, however, I’m so proud that he would trust me enough to try it. And I see he is still talking about it today – really – check his insta @gio.harvey.

img_1750And of course, more sports shirts! These Nike tee shirts are normally $45.00 we snagged them for $19.99 each.

img_1747 img_1764Moving on to shoes. This kid wears size 15 shoes! Two stores in the entire mall carry a 15 and not in every option; Famous Footwear and Foot Locker. We ended up at Famous Footwear and they were having a buy one get one half off sale. He got 2 pairs of Nikes for about $100!img_1761And then to top it off – Gio kept mentioning that he wanted a hat. We didn’t have any luck at the previous stores so I took him into Lids. They usually run some sort of sale; buy one get one, or buy one get one 50% off, etc. The employee working showed him the customizable hats and he went crazy! Gio designed his very own hat (I am still laughing as I type) it came out perfect! A black hat with embroidered white font ~ wahlah~ the G MONEY hat!img_1752

With money still left over, baby boy wanted to check out Burlington Coat Factory. From sweatpants to tee shirts they had a bunch of options in his size. It’s here that we purchased the shirt I like the best. I have to say as a side note – Before I go out with each client I research what each store has. I was in Macy’s and I had seen this exact same shirt on sale for $39.99. We found it at Burlington, in his size, for $29.99! I love when that happens!! My fav-img_1765img_1766


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