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The Father

January 21, 2016




The Gentleman you see here is one of my favorite clients so far! This is Pastor Mike Hughes, and to get him on the #CarmiMoore train is a “life goal” in itself! Pastor Mike’s oldest son, both my husband’s and my very dear friend, was getting married. Thus the title being- The Father! Pastor Mike needed a suit and asked if I would help him find one. I had a few stores in mind; however, we started at Macy’s. He can confirm that in less than 20 minutes, we found the perfect suit!

We started with a classic black suit. He will most likely be wearing this suit for the next 5-10 years, so it was an investment to say the least. The suit fit really well and looked great, but then I spied a smoky charcoal colored suit. Same brand just a different color. He was such a great sport. He took the suit and said okay, “I’ll try it.”

When he opened the dressing room door I literally gasped -it was the one! He loved it, I loved it, and that meant his wife would love it (and she wouldn’t have to do a thing)! The best part… we got about $450 off of the original price!!

Every suit, unless custom made, will almost always need to be altered in some way! Thank God for Alexis!!



Alexis (see my services page) took in the pants to make them a bit more fitted and hemmed the bottoms to be 2 ¾ inches shorter. For Pastor’s preference, age, body type ect, we decided to have one break/ dimple in the pants. This means where the fabric hits the top of the shoe there is one section of bunch. Below is a picture to describe what I am trying to convey!


Ah now, the perfect suit calls for the perfect shoes. I had a coupon to DSW, so I suggested we try there. (YES, my clients get my coupons if the opportunity presents itself!) We found a great pair of black, Steve Madden slip-ons. He wanted a black dress shoe that could be worn with the suit as well as with jeans – BAM!

After the necessities were done I took him to H&M, I just had to. At H&M we got him an updated flannel, a classic crew neck sweatshirt, and some basic V-neck t shirts. I am literally, so proud of him.

You would think we were done. But we weren’t. The last store we went to was JC Penney. We bought a few more items to complete the rest of his wardrobe for his upcoming holiday parties. We purchased a charcoal knitted cardigan- not too dadish yet not hipster! They were running great sales so we got him a burgundy and a black button up. Both shirts are perfect under the cardigan, worn alone, or with the suit, of course. Last we purchased a black V-neck sweater, adding some variety to his wardrobe. Talk about a man and his shopping experience – The Moore’s Love you!!


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