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January 29, 2016


I dressed Christine from Christine’s Cookie Shoppe, not once, but TWICE! I’ve known Christine for many years; however, I got to know her better when I was her intern. I loved “Christine days.” Days with her were color coded, eventful, honest, organized, and somehow she would always find a way to teach me something and she didn’t even know she was doing it!

My experiences with Christine just get better and better! Our first time we did a revamp of her wardrobe for Spring (see recap below). Recently, we completed a Winter wardrobe Revamp. All service explanations can be found on my services page.

Christine’s winter wardrobe was obsolete. I mean, honestly, there was nothing to it except two coats… we live in upstate New York… and the woman had one sweater! She was such an incredible sport as I wrote down some basics of where to start. We had a vision when we shopped, which helped us “grow” her wardrobe. The goal was to build the entire wardrobe from business life to casual life.



Seriously…. who would hide in a coat when you look like this!!?



This peplum top and blazer can totally be worn together or as 2 separate outfits! The blazer can also go with majority of items in her brand new wardrobe!

IMG_9809 IMG_9813 IMG_9808This year Christine is helping with the Young Entrepreneurs Program at MVCC. This is perfect for when she has to speak in front of the interns or meet with clients! This suit looked so good on her, I wanted to buy it and I have no need for it!


FINALLY got her to purchase some leather pants!!

IMG_9805 IMG_9814

These casual outfits are perfect for every day. They are easy to vacation in, run errands in, go out in, and they also look great if she is spotted in public and “not on the job!”

IMG_9804 IMG_9806

Jeans for $20.00! We can’t complain!

Of Course we can’t forget shoes and accessories!!


One thing I really admire about this girl is that she made every purchase, during both revamps, count! She was smart, there “needed” to be a reason (or 5 reasons) why she was purchasing and if she would use it enough to make it worth it! Her whole being lit up when she saw this purse! Its beautiful! Super cute, the mini bag right one teen, and totally compliments her growing business’s colors! I watched her try it on and put it back 3 times! After telling her to just “get it, you LOVE it” she did!


Every girl needs a cute pair of sneakers to run errands in! These are perfect for making deliveries and for running around the Shoppe! IMG_9811

We could not find any boots worth buying, so I promised I would follow through and search for her. She had a gift card to QVC so I browsed the site and narrowed down the options to these babies!! (See below.)


Here is a recap of our Spring Wardrobe Revamp!

IMG_9467 IMG_9464 IMG_9462 IMG_9465


IMG_9463 IMG_9466IMG_9375

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