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June 5, 2018

Angeleah is one of my favorite friends. This girls teaches me, inspires me, and humbles me. I am blessed by her life. It is an absolute gift when a friend supports your craft and helps you believe in your dream- and she does that on every level. Angeleah is a Jesus loving, cat owning, super hot wife! She sings, throws killer events, and creates magical Office themes art. (FYI Office themed as in Michael Gary Scott Aka Prison Mike. Not like a picture of a stapler.)   She is co-owner of Woo and Co – an up and coming  graphic design company, that she runs with her husband- follow on instagram, @WooandCo.

This post is a little outdated weather wise but its too good to not blog about. I was running a special around valentines day and her husband told her to take advantage of it- and people, we did! We hit the best sales. The weather was cold for so long here in NY (57 degrees as I type) that each purchase totally works in her favor. She gets to wear everything now and is already ready for the fall!

We always have fun together! I begged her to get this coat but it was slightly overpriced. Turns out she found something similar at her mothers. God is too good!

Who doesn’t love an oversized sweater!! We got the white (I want it!!) for $10 and the gray ended up being $20! So versatile yet so cozy. I love when cozy doesn’t mean sloppy.  One item that Angeleah was on the hunt for was a black transtional tee that was basic but not boring. The rolled up sleeved add a little something different to the basic black tee. Easy to wear as is, under a blazer, with vans, or how about tucked in to a skirt!

I LOOOVEEEE this leather skirt! She looks so hot in it! It ended up being a perfect valentines date outfit!

We came in under budget so we ran to Target for some simple jewelry options. I don’t now what it is about Target and lately Old Navy but they are doing very well in their jewelry selection. As we ended our trip, still within budget, I left her with a few screenshots of what items she can purchase to incorporate into her existing and future wardrobe.

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