I asked Carmi to help me get from frumpy daycare provider to stylish mom! I was amazed at how many outfits she helped me pick out in one trip! She helped me feel good about my post baby body and gave me my confidence back!

     – Jenna Macri


Carmi was very professional with me in my search for a new winter jacket. I had been needing and wanting a new one for a while and couldn’t find a good deal with what I wanted. She found an even better jacket for an even greater price just by asking for a discount. She taught me that it’s never a bad idea to ask if a product is on sale or can be discounted.
Robert Martin


As a first time mom trying to figure out what to wear to fit my new body was difficult. I wanted to be practical, stylish, fun, pretty, and classy all in one.. Could you do that with spit up on you? Carmi always does! And so I said “I need to hire you!” She’s brilliant, fun to shop with, and looks for crazy good deals. I always shopped in the clearance section hoping to find something that fit right. If it didn’t, but it was $2, I went with it. I spent $200 and got a whole new wardrobe. Carmi had an extra battle with me since I’m allergic to certain materials. She had to keep in mind while we searched what would looks best AND what would work for my skin. taught me to mix and match and that I need basics to fill a good wardrobe. She taught me where to spend extra and where to cut cost. She taught me how to pair shoes with the right outfit! And, best of all, that I have awesome legs. Hire her! You will feel and look amazing.
Laura Martin


When it comes to looking good, Carmi definitely helped me out. In just 30 minutes she had me ready for two weddings. She picked out two really great color shirts! She picked out two ties that I could switch between shirts. I got all the compliments and it was all due to her.
Josh Caliguire


We highly recommend Carmi for all of our styling advice!! She recommends items to me and once I try them I LOVE what she chose! She has helped dress me and my husband for different events. She makes them flow. She has even dressed my husband over facetime! She was very creative while keeping my personality, comfort, pocket, and event in mind. She created confidence with every step!
Ericka Caliguire


Let me start by saying Carmi Moore is the best fashion consultant I know and I give her service 5 big stars! I currently reside in Virginia and Carmi picks out my outfits, bags, sunglasses. You name it she picks it! I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a fashion advisor like Carmi helping me look my best, states away. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She’s honest, fashion forward and gets the job done!
Amanda Martyniuk


I’ve been working with Carmi for years! At first we would go shopping together, I usually hate shopping, but she helped me pick out all the right outfits…and kept within my budget. Now I live in DC…but she still helps me remotely. I don’t go shopping without consulting her first.
Rikki Kneestern

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