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April 20, 2015


I am very proud to announce that I have my own seamstress, on call, for all of my clients! Alexis Reed is 20 years old and is a Fashion and Business Merchandising Student. Alexis designs clothing, runway shows, and is looking forward to fashion design in the near future. Learn more about Alexis and her services on her Facebook page at Alexis Reed Designs.

The WHOLE story…
Alexis was a few years behind me in High School. We became friends on Facebook when she started attending our youth church, Encounter. I remember hearing about Alexis from my aunt who is a home economics teacher, at the high school. She was stunned by the talent that this young girl had. I saw a few of Alexis’ photos and things she had done here and there, they were good, however, I never really thought much about it until I started my Styling Business.

I’m always thinking of ways to make things better! How can I cater more to my clients? What can I offer that someone else can’t? What better way, than having a seamstress, to help complete my clients look! I prayed that God would send me someone or show me who I could ask and her name popped into my head. I messaged her the next day and BAM! I presented my ideas to Alexis and asked if she would like to come on board! It’s been magic ever since…


For Custom Tailor Pricing Click Here!


Below are a few photos of Alexis in her own custom creations.



Be sure to learn more about Alexis and her services by visiting her on Facebook.com/AlexisReedDesigns!

Alexis Reed Facebook

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