About Me

I am Carmi Moore, nothing more and never anything less. I am 26 years old. I am married to the greatest man God ever made, and I have the privilege (most days) to be home with my 2 beautiful boys.
I decided to start this blog, upon request, actually. I want to style. I want to be a part of people’s stories. I want to be creative everyday! This is a place where I can capture all of the above. Of course I will feature my outfits and my gentlemen’s outfits, but what I’m most excited about, is posting my clients outfits!
** I will NOT be listing the brands of what I’m wearing unless I’m trying to prove a point. It’s not about the “what” it’s about “how!”

The. Break. Down.

Josh is my studly gentleman of a husband. We will be married 6 years this June. He is everything I never knew I needed and EVERYTHING I didn’t realize I wanted. It continuously blows my mind that I love him more and more each day.. CRAZY!
Giacobi is my 4-year-old beast. He raises me more than I raise him, I think. He is brilliant. His gift is his heart. He has compassion unlike any other. He wants to protect, be funny and be in charge. He is so handsome!
Paxton Lincoln is as much of a BOSS as the sound of his name. He is such a good good baby!  He has just turned 1 year old! He is getting into everything and climbs constantly! I’m not sure if I love his snuggles more or his deep belly laugh. He is so sweet!